Morning News Ltd. uses the softest cotton made in Turkey.

At Morning News, we intentionally use Turkish Terry cloth which is made from Turkish cotton. We wanted fabric that felt luxe, lush, and transported you to your favorite places in the world.

Turkish cotton, made in the Aegean region,  is long fiber cotton and woven with longer fibers and smoother threads.

While both Egyptian and Turkish cotton offer long, absorbent fibers, Egyptian cotton tends to be more absorbent and slower to dry while Turkish cottons are slightly less absorbent and are quick to dry.

This makes for faster absorbency of perspiration and more comfortable because it is softer.

Turkish Cotton is so durable that you can have faith that it will last you for years to come and that it gets softer and fluffier after each wash!

Long lasting quality in a classically, designed product for every body.

That’s Morning News’ goal.

Click here or the photo below to watch our Made In Turkey short video.

Morning News Ltd.

March 30, 2021, 12:20 ET

Our Soho billboard goes up 1 month before our 2nd drop called NOSTALGIA!

Morning News Ltd. is excited to have its first billboard on the corner of  Spring & Wooster Streets in the heart of SOHO, NYC.

Now you AND your customers can see the Morning News hoodie & jogger from the Terry towel collection!

Click here to watch the short drone video of the billboard!

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Dec 30, 2020, 08:36 ET

Fashion Brand Morning News Releases Luxury T-Shirt to Support Local Restaurants

 NEW YORK, Dec. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Nationwide, restaurants are closing at an expeditious rate due to COVID-19. According to a recent Eater New York article, more than 1000 restaurants have closed due to indoor dining closures because of the never-ending coronavirus pandemic. Many restaurants sought financial refuge during the summer months when outdoor dining was a massive hit among patrons who experienced quarantine fatigue. However, due to weather changes associated with winter and a complete shutdown of indoor dining in places like New York, Morning News strives to aid struggling owners with the "Support Your Local Restaurants" T-shirt. The idea is that the more people wearing the T-shirt will encourage fellow Americans to order from local restaurants, which may help keep establishments open. Moreover, a percentage of proceeds will be donated to ROAR, which will disperse the funds to the restaurant owners and employees. This month-long campaign aims to raise fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) in the spirit of supporting communities when in need. 

When asked what sparked the need for this campaign, the founder of Morning News, Meyer Tawil, stated, "As a foodie, I eat out at restaurants at least four times a week. It is extremely upsetting that many restaurants are not receiving government funding, and I want to do all I can to help." 

For information or to purchase a T-shirt, visit

About Morning News

Morning News Ltd.'s ("Morning News") mission is to combine the forward style of streetwear with the wearability of contemporary clothing and deliver accessible, luxe clothing in different fabrications every season. Morning News was created by Meyer Tawil and his sister Flora Harari because of their mutual love of style, family, and "the good life." Influenced by corner nostalgia, the brand will always inspire the relaxed mood of neighborhood gatherings, reading the morning newspaper, grabbing a coffee, and living a relaxed life. 

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Nickie Robinson

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